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Marine Aquarium for any budget

Many say that the Marine Aquarium is very expensive and difficult to service. And minimal displacement 400 liters. But it is not so! But many of us want to have at home a piece of the sea, such as clowns and anemones. AKVAMER company makes marine aquariums for any budget from 20 liters of minimum of equipment to sustain life in an aquarium. If you have an aquarium, we transform it into the sea, no need to buy special aquariums at Sea for mad money! There is always the best solution. Every buyer livestock we give gifts (coral frags, zoantarii, diskosomy, anemones, fan worms and more) trifle, but nice! also operates online store. Delivery day order is sent photos of interest to livestock all the details on the site

City: Moscow
Date: 28.04.2010, 14:36
Marine Aquarium for any budget

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