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Aquarium fish - guppy

Shop aquarium fish, open daily from 9: 00 to 21: 00, there is a delivery across Moscow and MO. The presence of check in the online store fish at home or on the phone. I us every 3-4 days delivery living creatures for the aquarium. Guppy - fish is truly brilliant. They are both unpretentious, and at the same time fraught with great potential for the enthusiastic aquarist. Guppies have a fairly rapid variability in the coloration of the abdomen shape, size and color of dorsal, caudal fins. You not goldfish, the selection of which will easily take 100-200 years, but breeding guppies is much more intense. Having accumulated experience in the treatment of fish, skills for caring for guppies, knowledge in genetics, years old 1. 5 – 2 you will be able to participate in the exhibition aquarium. . .

Price: 39P or abt  US$ 1

State: Russia
City: Moscow
Tel. No.: 84956494143
Date: 18.01.2016, 12:18
Aquarium fish - guppy

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