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The unique nonwoven structure of a material of the jumpsuit, Rosanna professionals of DuPont, provides a combination of durability, protective properties gipoalergennosti and water vapour permeability on the entire surface of the canvas. - No capillary moisture penetration - to achieve the necessary temperature and humidity balance inside the overall - Has many years of experience in various countries and climatic conditions - High water vapor permeability material promotes the partial ventilation and prevents condensation(sweat) inside jumpsuit - jumpsuit Weight only 71 grams. ! - Protects salon avtoi from dog hair, while the pen carriage . -White color of the suit makes the dog very conspicuous on the street, and also helps to quickly detect the mites which already was intensified in connection with warm weather. For owners participating in wyah, overalls perfect for protecting your dog and will save You effort spent in preparing your pet for the event during his trenirovki from s to the neck

Price: 750P or abt  US$ 12

State: Russia
City: Moscow
Tel. No.: 89150122424
Date: 11.03.2020, 22:42


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