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A dog is better than a wife!

You decided to get a dog. This is a very important decision that should be good to think. The dog works on long-term, rather than on one day, and your decision to get a four-legged friend will change your whole life. This is not such nonsense as, for example, to get a girl. A dog can not say: "Honey, we do not get on together and we should some time away from each other and live separately. "Dog is for you the closest thing in this world. If you have unfortunately been married, you will understand what I mean. Who are you first met, when You come home from work: his wife or dogs, and who more pleased by your arrival? Who is less barking in the house: his wife or a dog? Ence feelings of sincere and who does not require you to constantly money on his coat and other pointless things? Who is more intelligent and easier to respond to training? Add more to all the above, that the dog, unlike his wife did not requires that you regularly deal with her **** ohms. In a word dog in every good wife. If you already have a dog the wife is essentially no longer needed, it can be and drive. If you have made the right decision in life and you have a dog, the company WalkService always help you in taking care of your four-legged friend: paddock, hotel for dogs, home overexposure, dog nanny, training dogs, veterinary services. More: +7 499 409 9179

City: Moscow
Tel. No.: +7 499 409 9179
Date: 18.08.2010, 18:30
A dog is better than a wife!

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