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DHgate INT

The hotel is pet bookingcom

1) Large bright glass rooms - Comfortable, safe, boring - Cleaning 2 times a day 100% Guarantee of sterility and safety 2) Koto-nanny - professional the veterinarians 3) Video surveillance 24/7 (you can watch your pet from anywhere in t the world) 4) Personal chat with the staff 5) transfer. We, carefully, take your pet out of the house and deliver it back on your return 6) the online booking System 7) you Can come and view the hotel before arrival Accept cats, birds and rodents (in cages) Nearest metro station - M. a Student, stop – Gorsky.

Price: 399P or abt  US$ 6

State: Russia
City: Novosibirsk
Tel. No.: 89537924116
Date: 18.12.2018, 22:02

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