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Pet hotel BookingCat

Going on vacation or a business trip? Urgently need to complete the repairs or arrange for transportation? Where in this case to do with pet? The hotel BookingCat! BookingCat first unique hotel chain for Pets. We provide services for Pets for vacations, business trips, illnesses, repair, moving of the owner. Our guests are seals, dogs of small breeds, rabbits, rodents, birds, and fish. Personal care and care for the pet bright, Spacious rooms Shuttle service to the hotel Tonani – veterinary experts video Surveillance 24/7 from smartphone Chat WhatsApp, photos Stylish daily grooming, combing hair, nail claws, and other treatments to Learn more, and to book a room for your pet You can call EXT. 132 or on the website

Price: 399P or abt  US$ 6

State: Russia
City: Saint-Petersburg
Tel. No.: 89218873738
Date: 09.08.2019, 11:22

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