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Joining the object to the grid MOESK, IDGC

We assist in preparing the necessary documents and approvals for expedited and simplified solution to the issues of technological connection to the power grid via existing lines. Assistance in optimizing ZAT rat (decrease in the stated price) of the contracts of Technological connection MOESK, IDGC of centre the territory of Belgorodenergo, Bryanskenergo, Voronezhenergo, Kurskenergo, Kostromaenergo, Lipetskenergo, Tverenergo, Smolenskenergo, Orelenergo, Tambovenergo, Yarenergo, Moscow and Moscow region. Territory: Moscow and Moscow region, Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Kostroma, Lipetsk, Tver, Smolensk, Orel, Tambov, Yaroslavl region. eat 500 kW. If necessary, we can conduct construction and installation s. Call, write. Consultation free.

Price: 7P or abt  US$ 0

State: Russia
City: Yaroslavl
Tel. No.: 89685325500
Date: 04.03.2020, 15:55

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