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Day-old Chicks, ducklings, goslings, turkeys, cesarato

incubator village. Enem Gagarin. records of daily young growth of different breeds. : chicken: -meat - broiler (Cobb-500) -egg direction- -hens-chickens (h-brown) -males (h-brown) - dominant "cerography 959" -dominant "blue 107" -new "red striped 159" -new "dominant black 149" -new "dominant cerography 959" -new "dominant blue 107" -new "dominant GM 459" -new "dominant GS 300" -meat-egg directions-a kind of colored broiler: -master gray (gray), red bro (red-brown), golosheykin (red, white, black) geese: -Italian white-gray large-lindovskaya white turkeys: white-chested heavy cross (big 6), white-chested greyd maker (Christmas) medium-heavy-chested bronze-medium-heavy (bronze-708), ducklings: -the maledom, musky (white), cherry valley (broiler precocious), -Agidel, blue favourite fowl: -grey speckled (broiler precocious). so you can purchase the incubator balanced feed for all the above species of birds. instructions for rearing. the trough, drinkers. sincerely team hatchery village Enem.

Price: 7P or abt  US$ 0

State: Russia
City: Enem
Tel. No.: 89184786330
Date: 23.03.2020, 09:27

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