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The hotel is in the Mountains

Teberda is a unique mountain ku RART Karachay-Cherkess Republic. Located on the Northern slopes of the greater Caucasus, at altitude 1280-1420 m, in the river valley Teberda, on the territory of the Teberdinsky biosphere reserve. Surrounded by mountains (up to 3300 m). Teberda river valley and the mountain slopes are covered with coniferous and deciduous forests at the upper boundary of forests are thickets of rhododendron, above - subalpine and Alpine meadows at the origins of the Teberda river and its tributaries - the Alpine lakes and numerous glaciers. The climate is characterized by relative coolness and dryness, with cleanliness and a high degree of air ionization. A lot of Sunny days. Winters are mild average January temperature is about -3°C steady snow cover from mid-December until the end of February. The summers are moderately warm, average temperature of August 15-16°C. annual Precipitation is about 700 mm maximum - in may. In this wonderful mountain region of Russia, at the foot of the gorge jamagat, and located our hotel. At your disposal 8 comfortable 2-x local rooms of standard, twin, four of them have possibility of extra bed. Seven rooms of luxury with two bedrooms beds in each, possibility of two additional places on the double sofa bed and two spacious Studio rooms with double beds in each Studio four extra beds, in each apartment there are two double convertible sofa. All rooms have the possibility of additional embed. All room

Price: 121000000P or abt  US$ 1861538

State: Russia
City: Rostov-na-Donu
Tel. No.: 87928604006
Date: 27.08.2019, 00:16

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