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Com. ATOR with the 600T. $ /mo

Hello. Sale, property complex of ownership with riveted uchenym agreement and the Rand. In the complex there is: 1. Warehouse room 323, 3 2 m2. Storage area 633, 9m2 3. The outdoor area is 5000m2 characteristics of the premises: 1. The territory is equipped with video surveillance system. 2. Warehouses are equipped with Autonomous system of electro-heating with GSM, GPS control. 3. Installed a completely new power supply system (inside the warehouse lighting, perimeter) 4. The warehouses are equipped with fire-fighting system with on guard post. 5. Equipped security post. 6. Zakl oceny contract with a licensed organization service: OPS, ES and video surveillance. About the property set: 1. The complex is located in the railway, fenced territory, the easy availability of foreign. 2. Property complex located in the city of Skovorodino and has several access cars ways for the mind: a guerrilla Victory. 3. The possibility of Parking cars and trucks avetrana. 4. Developed infrastructure of the district. The income from the contract and trends: 600, 000 PH: Bukh remote 10, 000r heating in the winter period 80. 000. Payback in 2 years. There is the possibility of increasing income from the date of the open area.

Price: 12000000P or abt  US$ 184615

City: Skovorodino, Russia
Tel. No.: 89145968029
Date: 11.06.2020, 17:49

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