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Pigs Vinarska Mangalica, Carmel

Krestyanskoe (fermerskoe) khozyajjstvo implements piglets, breed: Hungarian Mangalica and Carmel. Hungarian Mangalica productive and unpretentious breed pot-bellied domestic swine. Distinguished by the presence of the coat, the color of which can vary depending on conditions and diet. These animals are very hardy and insensitive to adverse weather conditions. The meat is particularly tender and juicy, easy USV avetsa and has a great taste, and kind of resembles marble. Karmelicka breed. Feature of karmalov is their specific hair. Wavy thick coat and dense undercoat allow the animals to feel comfortable under the open sky at any temperature – as when a strong cold, and in hot summer. Advantages of the breed are unpretentious in feeding, quick atrevemos, high productivity and palatability of meat.

Price: 5000P or abt  US$ 77

State: Russia
City: Spas-Klepiki
Tel. No.: 89109047280
Date: 25.09.2019, 23:01

Pigs Vinarska Mangalica, Carmel

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