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Armored paw JohnDeere N182043

Sell armored paws cultivators and seeders: Armored paw JohnDeere N182043 Paw John Deere N182043 designed for the seeding machine of John Deere 1820 John Deere 1830 John Deere 730. article JD-305-6 (analog N182043 Bellota 15027-H12).cultivators, Sunflower, WilRich, JohnDeere, Landol. Paw is analogous to Will-Rich 47C11BK7 / XD50-12K, John Deere N182046, N182043, Salford ST820 and used Case/Case, Amity Technology LLC/Amity technology LLC, Great plaines/great plains, John Deere/John Deere Strom/Strom, Flexi-Coil/Flexi-Koil, on ATX400, Salford 580 series, Case IH 1547100C2, Great Plains cultivators for continuous soil treatment K-12200, 182043 John Deere, John Deere 170304, 47.825.001.Distance between 45-47 mm. bolts Mounting the rack to 47 mm wide.Weight 1.35 kg Paw pad UNIA Viking armoured, 105 mm 120rub Lapa security 5.1 N. 043.05.402 220mm 220rub Lapa security CPE 270mm 300rub Lapa security RSS.043.03.110 410 mm 720руб Lapa security RSS.240604.00 230 mm 6mm 500 rubles Lapa security RSS.260604.00 260 mm 6mm 520руб Paw armored John Deere N182043 300 mm 6mm 550руб Paw armored Salford, article SL-310-6 330 mm 6mm 550руб Paw armored Horsch 6101350002, 375 mm 1150руб Paw armoured Morris F38529SS 47.945.001 310 mm 1100руб Lapa security Bellota 15041-H12-E6 305 mm 6mm 1100руб Lapa security RSS.260604.00, 260 mm 8mm 620руб Paw armored Case IH

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